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$25 in Free Fabric DC Area! (a Living Social deal)

10 Oct

If you click my link I get credit for it.  I’ve already purchased mine!!  I may get another one! :p




Mini challenges…

27 Jul

I found this wonderful etsy site and I’m going to challenge myself to finish 5-10 of these projects before the Summer’s out! That’s two months away. I can do it!! (I don’t think I’m going to win the challenge of finishing Chanel by the end of July seeing as I haven’t read one word since my blog post! :p August it is!!!)


Fitness Update:

I’ve completed the Couch to 5K: C25K app and I can officially run 30 minutes at a pace of 5mph!! My bottoms don’t fit.  I lost 11 pounds.  I’ve lost 57% of my body fat (from 26% down to 15%) and I LOVE IT!!!!! I can’t believe I’ve done it. Now it’s time to start week 9 of Couch to 10K C210K register for a race, and build up some speed.  My next mini challenge for fitness is a 10 minute mile (6mph).


I got a sewing machine!!

25 Jul

I finally got a sewing machine!!!!!!!

Craigslist to the rescue. Yesterday I met a nice lady in the parking lot of the nearby Michael’s and gave her my hard earned money for a brand new brother Project Runway Limited Edition sewing machine! 😀


This video of a young woman opening up her sewing machine (Exact same machine) is basically how happy I was:

Last night I went to the brother sew and vac which just happens to be minutes from my house and purchased machine oil because I (#1, read the instruction manual!) and want to treat my baby right! MMM! I was so excited to start playing and learning and messing up and learning what to do and what not to do.20120726-094644.jpg

It’s like buying your first pair of golf clubs and now you’re ready to hit the green! I have so many little sewing projects in my head. Number one is learning how to take in clothes since I’ve lost 12 pounds and none of my pants or skirts fit anymore. Yay running!

I also took a second beginner sewing class a couple weeks ago where I learned even more than in my first class. The Silver Spring Sewing Society holds sewing classes at the Wheaton Library. It was only $20 for a beginner sewing class, plus $5 machine rental (but I won’t have to pay that anymore!!) The instructor covered machines, techniques, measuring ourselves, reading patterns and more! I will definitely be meeting up with these ladies in the future!


Our super cute professor!


We learned how to properly measure ourselves, and each other.


Group shot! What a great class.


Beginner Sewist

30 May

I took a sewing class!

A few months ago I decided that I’ve put off this challenge for way too long and I started researching sewing classes. I checked out the local Joann Fabric, G Street Fabric in Rockville, MD but in my google adventures I came across DC Threads. DC Threads is open sewing for any level sewer and is a part of

Bits of Thread Sewing Studio!

When looking for a class to sign up for there weren’t even any spaces available for weeks! I put my name on a wait list and soon received an email that more classes had been scheduled!

This past Saturday I made my way to the DC neighborhood called Adams Morgan and I was one of five students learning the basics of sewing.  It was for folks like me who have never even touched a machine.

I loved it! I can’t say I mastered anything but I learned how the machine works, how to load the bobbin and thread, how different speeds and widths and lengths affect your fabric, and more! Most importantly, I completed a project!!