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Designing on a Dime: Cabinet Edition

1 Sep

Weeks before I moved into my new apartment I decided I wanted to paint my 1950s hotpoint metal cabinets gold.  When I arrived on day 1 my property manager told me my cutesy Martha Stewart Metallic Antique Gold paint was not going to do the trick on metal and that the paint would just peel right of.  So… onto plan B = do some research!  I found a bunch of articles on painting metal cabinets and headed to Home Depot.

First I talked to an expert at Home Depot who told me I did not need a primer, but to make sure there were no grease or oil stains.  I cleaned the cabinets with dish soap and water, wiped them down and let them dry.

What the metal cabinets looked like before any paint, with handles removed, and counter and stove covered:


After the first coat of this 20120901-101910.jpgRust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Spray Paint for less than $5! :

I got this:


Smiles already!

Another shot of the first coat with the flash on to highlight all of the chemicals I tried I keep out of my lungs. It sure is pretty though:


After the second (and final) coat:


It’s not perfect but it’s my creation and I love it.

Replaced the handles and I’m done!  Booyow.