12 Jul


The first biography I’m attempting to conquer is that of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel!

The back panel grabbed me and with my new interest in design I couldn’t wait to learn about the life of a famous fashion icon like Chanel. I’ve had this book since January so obviously it’s taken a lot of effort to get through this. If it weren’t before this “journey” who knows when I would have finished this book. :p

So I’m still in the beginning of this very big and dense book but I love it so far. She came from very humble beginnings as an orphan, rebelled against everything expected of her, took crazy chances and even faced abortion and was a fantastic Equestrian. Anyway, I’m only 8 or so chapters into this million chapter book and I’m already inspired. I mean she’s still just a woman living with a man and his mistress at this point, with so much in front of her. It’s like she doesn’t web know how awesome she will become! I can definitely relate to that thought! I am always inspired by the success stories of people who “broke out” a little later on in life. Proves to me that it’s never too late to become the person you were destined to, or to start over, or to do something amazing!!

I’ll keep on reading and update later on!


What a day!

4 Jul

Last week, At a social work training at the University of Maryland in Baltimore,my co-worker and I ventured outside for lunch to find amazing treats! We split two crepes, spinach and egg, and Strawberry, banana, and nutella deliciousness.


On a walk around the campus after lunch we discovered a church with a cemetery in the back and we wandered on in. To our shock the first thing we see is Edgar Allen Poe’s grave!…along with his family members and other Baltimore elite. How randomly and creepily cool!

It pays to wander sometimes.




Trying New (and fun!) Workouts

11 Jun

I recently purchased a 6lb. weighted ball (not exactly the same as a medicine ball but similar) from Target for about $17. Talk about fun! I love this so much as an alternative to weights. I mean, it’s a ball!! It’s automatically fun. 🙂 The ball came with a dvd of 2 short workouts and a link to another free workout.


In addition to those three I found that the wonderful world wide web had even more, different, fun and most importantly, free workouts. I googled “medicine ball” workout and then I sorted the results by time, 20 minutes or more and..Tada! YouTube to the rescue.

This is a GREAT workout. Remember to stretch because there is no stretch included at the end of the workout. I forgot to stretch my abs and I’m still feeling it three days later!

If you don’t have a weighted ball you could substitute a gallon of water or something similar and modify some of the exercises (you’ll see what I mean if you glance at the video).

I love this workout because it works out the upper body and areas that I miss when I just do elliptical and jogging.


6 Jun

But not the Kelly Rowland kind… Lol

Since last night I completely flaked on my after work workout I figured it was time to let you in on my workout journey.   Since about February I have been, more consistently than not, working out. Thanks to inspiration from my dad, my boo, and motivation from my co-wos who started inviting me along on their trips to the gym.

One co-wo invited me to join in on some classes at the gym, LA Fitness in Rockville MD. We took a step cardio class, a kickboxing class, and my least favorite: a spinning class. My butt hurt for days!! We were encouraging one another to stay on track and it was a lot of fun.

I was doing pretty well with my home workouts but I wanted to get out of the house and try some machines.  I decided in March to buy a membership at my local gym: Spunk Fitness!

I started out doing the Spunk 30 circuit workout and making the elliptical my best friend. I think I started at 30 minutes, increased my time to 45 and some days even completed 60 minutes all on the elliptical. Other workouts included yoga or cardio videos from

What motivates me: (Write down your own list because you’ll need to refer to it when that couch feels so good…)

  • The feeling you get AFTER you’ve completed a workout, even the 15 minute ones feel great.
  • The high fives from my friends
  • Feeling energized
  • Looking slimmer
  • Being tired of starting over, starting over, starting over.  This is it!
  • Staying healthy (No prescriptions!!)
  • Hot fun in the summer time (Not being self-conscious in a swim suit)
  • No Spanx EVER!
  • – I use the website sometimes but I love the the iPhone app.  It’s a free online calorie counter and diet plan.  My friends on MFP are a lifesaver and they push me to keep up with them!!  Love it!


Spunk Fitness Sterling, VA: It was raining.  I fought laziness and it was packed in there!!


Spunk Fitness Silver Spring, MD: Working my BFF Miss Elliptical!! I love the elliptical, burns calories so fast. I choose a program that changes incline and resistance, directions of pedaling and tells me to either push or pull with my arms. This workout feels so good!


Sunday morning: I streamed Jesus online (watched church from the web, Reid Temple! lol) and then went to the gym.  Three people in the whole place! No one in the weights section so I tip toed on over and finally started lifting!!


Stretching this afternoon!!  Because I had to run to an appointment, I checked out the gym in my apartment complex.   It was right there!  I can’t believe I’ve been living here for 10 months and never went over there! Probably because it was recently renovated but during my initial tour it looked like a crime scene waiting to happen… As you can see, it’s much nicer now (and the tv has OWN) lol!

Beginner Sewist

30 May

I took a sewing class!

A few months ago I decided that I’ve put off this challenge for way too long and I started researching sewing classes. I checked out the local Joann Fabric, G Street Fabric in Rockville, MD but in my google adventures I came across DC Threads. DC Threads is open sewing for any level sewer and is a part of

Bits of Thread Sewing Studio!

When looking for a class to sign up for there weren’t even any spaces available for weeks! I put my name on a wait list and soon received an email that more classes had been scheduled!

This past Saturday I made my way to the DC neighborhood called Adams Morgan and I was one of five students learning the basics of sewing.  It was for folks like me who have never even touched a machine.

I loved it! I can’t say I mastered anything but I learned how the machine works, how to load the bobbin and thread, how different speeds and widths and lengths affect your fabric, and more! Most importantly, I completed a project!!




This is the beginning of a beautiful journey!

29 May

Welcome to!

This is random but true…the other day I was looking around and noticing mothers with their children…and it made me think… (#1 Whoa I am so not ready for that! lol) But #2, Am I living the type of life that would make my future self proud? Or my future child proud? Days go by so fast! I’ve been living in Silver Spring, MD for almost a year and I have done a lot (visited the new Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial, Smithsonian Portrait and American Art museums, Silver Spring local wine festival, Gaylord Resort, Girls weekend in DC, etc.) but I have so much more to do. So many more things to check off my list. A list I’m still brainstorming and adding to. I wanted some place where I could chronicle this journey, these amazing and fun challenges, for myself, my family, friends and whomever else should be inspired by a post or two.

So first things first…What’s on my list so far? Well… Some things have been in my mind for years and other things I’m adding as I think of them. As of today I’ve got:

  1. Learn to sew and design clothing, accessories, tapestries, etc.
  2. Run a half marathon (and be fit in general).
  3. Read 10 biographies.
  4. Attend a film festival.
  5. Attend a music festival.
  6. Bring my godsons to DC for a weekend.
  7. Increase my credit score.
  8. Take a trip to New Orleans, LA.
  9. Swim in fresh water!
  10. Get courageous with my locs!
  11. Master some gourmet meals.
  12. Go on a weekend trip with my girlfriends.
  13. Take a jewelry making class.
  14. Sell a limited collection.
  15. Design on a dime.
  16. Document my family story.
  17. Foster a pet.
  18. Get back to my first love.
  19. Serve.
  20. Lift weights with the big boys.
  21. Be the best Social Worker I can be.
  22. Give back to my home town.
  23. Plan a trip to Paris.
  24. Spend a night under the stars.
  25. Take a class at a HBCU.
  26. Eat Clean for a month.
  27. 3D. Daddy daughter days.
  28. Spend a weekend with mom.
  29. Get organized. For good.

Okay, I will add more to this list and figure out how to format this blog so it’ll be all cool n stuff. :p

At the end of this journey (17 months) I hope that I am a better woman, friend, girlfriend, daughter, godmother, aunt, social worker, and servant.

Here I go!!!