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$25 in Free Fabric DC Area! (a Living Social deal)

10 Oct

If you click my link I get credit for it.  I’ve already purchased mine!!  I may get another one! :p


I’ve moved!

22 Aug

Okay. I’m posting way too infrequently for my liking. Since my last post I packed up my 925 sq. ft. apartment and, after a lot of sorting, donating, and trashing, moved myself and my things into a mmmaaaaybe 350 sq. ft apartment. It was a challenge. For the entire week before the move date, I was packing every single night. Trips to the local donation/thrift store felt wonderful. Trips to the trash felt even better. :p I even freecycled my kitchen table and chairs. #1 I had absolutely no room for them because as you will see I don’t have a separate kitchen, and #2 freecycling is the best thing since sliced bread.


The night before the big move I met the property manager of my new place and got the keys and started prepping to paint! This first photo is of the morning of move day. My old place is all packed up. My wonderful boyfriend and I started painting the living room/kitchen. Last shot is of the movers (slow) progress in the old apartment. I’m going to miss it (but not that much, especially those rent prices!)

Now comes the fun stuff…


These first shots are of the apartment before I moved in… actually they are old shots from before the last tenant who I learned had been living there for 4 years. And was obviously not a fan of cleaning. She must have loved cobwebs. (Yuck!) But as you can see the place has a lot of charm. The bathroom tile is original to the house and the little kitchenette is from the 1950s. Since I grew up in a house with cutest little robin’s egg blue kitchen, I decided to keep it retro and paint the walls a color called Mint Majesty.



My very nice property manager has been acknowledging how many things need to be replaced and I was able to get a nice, bright white new fridge! With the door that opens towards the kitchenette! I love this fridge 🙂 It has clear shelves and drawers so no more food lost in the abyss of the cooling drawer anymore!


What a day!

4 Jul

Last week, At a social work training at the University of Maryland in Baltimore,my co-worker and I ventured outside for lunch to find amazing treats! We split two crepes, spinach and egg, and Strawberry, banana, and nutella deliciousness.


On a walk around the campus after lunch we discovered a church with a cemetery in the back and we wandered on in. To our shock the first thing we see is Edgar Allen Poe’s grave!…along with his family members and other Baltimore elite. How randomly and creepily cool!

It pays to wander sometimes.




This is the beginning of a beautiful journey!

29 May

Welcome to!

This is random but true…the other day I was looking around and noticing mothers with their children…and it made me think… (#1 Whoa I am so not ready for that! lol) But #2, Am I living the type of life that would make my future self proud? Or my future child proud? Days go by so fast! I’ve been living in Silver Spring, MD for almost a year and I have done a lot (visited the new Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial, Smithsonian Portrait and American Art museums, Silver Spring local wine festival, Gaylord Resort, Girls weekend in DC, etc.) but I have so much more to do. So many more things to check off my list. A list I’m still brainstorming and adding to. I wanted some place where I could chronicle this journey, these amazing and fun challenges, for myself, my family, friends and whomever else should be inspired by a post or two.

So first things first…What’s on my list so far? Well… Some things have been in my mind for years and other things I’m adding as I think of them. As of today I’ve got:

  1. Learn to sew and design clothing, accessories, tapestries, etc.
  2. Run a half marathon (and be fit in general).
  3. Read 10 biographies.
  4. Attend a film festival.
  5. Attend a music festival.
  6. Bring my godsons to DC for a weekend.
  7. Increase my credit score.
  8. Take a trip to New Orleans, LA.
  9. Swim in fresh water!
  10. Get courageous with my locs!
  11. Master some gourmet meals.
  12. Go on a weekend trip with my girlfriends.
  13. Take a jewelry making class.
  14. Sell a limited collection.
  15. Design on a dime.
  16. Document my family story.
  17. Foster a pet.
  18. Get back to my first love.
  19. Serve.
  20. Lift weights with the big boys.
  21. Be the best Social Worker I can be.
  22. Give back to my home town.
  23. Plan a trip to Paris.
  24. Spend a night under the stars.
  25. Take a class at a HBCU.
  26. Eat Clean for a month.
  27. 3D. Daddy daughter days.
  28. Spend a weekend with mom.
  29. Get organized. For good.

Okay, I will add more to this list and figure out how to format this blog so it’ll be all cool n stuff. :p

At the end of this journey (17 months) I hope that I am a better woman, friend, girlfriend, daughter, godmother, aunt, social worker, and servant.

Here I go!!!