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12 Jul


The first biography I’m attempting to conquer is that of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel!

The back panel grabbed me and with my new interest in design I couldn’t wait to learn about the life of a famous fashion icon like Chanel. I’ve had this book since January so obviously it’s taken a lot of effort to get through this. If it weren’t before this “journey” who knows when I would have finished this book. :p

So I’m still in the beginning of this very big and dense book but I love it so far. She came from very humble beginnings as an orphan, rebelled against everything expected of her, took crazy chances and even faced abortion and was a fantastic Equestrian. Anyway, I’m only 8 or so chapters into this million chapter book and I’m already inspired. I mean she’s still just a woman living with a man and his mistress at this point, with so much in front of her. It’s like she doesn’t web know how awesome she will become! I can definitely relate to that thought! I am always inspired by the success stories of people who “broke out” a little later on in life. Proves to me that it’s never too late to become the person you were destined to, or to start over, or to do something amazing!!

I’ll keep on reading and update later on!