Trying New (and fun!) Workouts

11 Jun

I recently purchased a 6lb. weighted ball (not exactly the same as a medicine ball but similar) from Target for about $17. Talk about fun! I love this so much as an alternative to weights. I mean, it’s a ball!! It’s automatically fun. 🙂 The ball came with a dvd of 2 short workouts and a link to another free workout.


In addition to those three I found that the wonderful world wide web had even more, different, fun and most importantly, free workouts. I googled “medicine ball” workout and then I sorted the results by time, 20 minutes or more and..Tada! YouTube to the rescue.

This is a GREAT workout. Remember to stretch because there is no stretch included at the end of the workout. I forgot to stretch my abs and I’m still feeling it three days later!

If you don’t have a weighted ball you could substitute a gallon of water or something similar and modify some of the exercises (you’ll see what I mean if you glance at the video).

I love this workout because it works out the upper body and areas that I miss when I just do elliptical and jogging.


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